Things to Consider Before you Adopt a Bulldog

Things to consider before you adopt a Bulldog

December 17, 2015 • DOG Training • Views: 22454

It can be very rewarding to live with a bulldog, especially if you can meet its specific needs. That is why, most people don’t like living with a bulldog. But, it can be a nice thing to adopt one right away.

Few things to consider before the adoption

Bulldogs acts like puppies even at old age; they are regarded as perpetual children, never really growing up. Bulldogs thrive most in a loving environment; environments free from neglect and fear.

They are happy while staying with happy people, and while playing with other dogs. Bulldogs require undivided attention and proper care because they can be excessively destructive when they are left alone.

If you are leaving your yard, ensure you put them in a crate or put them under the supervision of someone. Don’t leave them unattended to in your backyard. If you do so, they might either get lost or destroy some valuables.

Possible Health Problems

They are allergic to so many genetic defects, that is why they can easily be attacked by various sicknesses. Some of their health problems include allergies, elongated soft palate, small trachea, eye lid anomalies, dermatitis, demodetic mange, heart problems and hip dysplasia.

Most of them tend towards self-mutilation, so trainers or owners should watch them carefully for signs of skin scratching and skin irritation. Kindly check all these conditions if you are adopting an older dog.

Their health issues can easily become complex if they were not detected in time. Don’t just go to any veterinarian; look for an experienced veterinarian or a bulldog owner for the rescue mission. Some of their problems might require surgery.

Danger of Overheating

Bulldogs are allergic to heat or hot atmosphere. Put them in an air-conditioned environment when the humidity is high or temperature is above 80 degrees. Close monitoring is highly required during summer and spring to prevent over-heating. Bulldogs are not recommended for those that love taking their dogs for a walk.

After Adoption

After adoption, both you and the dog need a period of adjustment. During this time, both parties will get acquainted with each other. This will help the dog to settle comfortably in the new environment.

Bulldogs don’t easily get angry when they are with other dogs; unlike they are severely attacked or threatened. A well-trained bulldog is sociable and loves meeting with other dogs and strangers alike. They can welcome visitors to your house enthusiastically and happily. Most times, the playful bulldog might not even be aware that other dogs might get angry.

Modern Bulldogs can’t make good attack dogs or guard dogs. But, they can alert you if there is a visitor or an intruder in your home or yard. That is why, they are fairly regarded as mere watchdogs. Naturally, Bulldogs appear to be stupid and lazy. But don’t be discouraged by their looks. Adopting a Bulldog can be a pleasure today. Just give it a trial, you will enjoy having one.